Learn to Swim/Stroke Development

TURTLE  -  3 Children in a class

This level we aim to teach the child a love and respect for the water through activities and games to develop water confidence and skills and to educate the child on the basics of water safety. 

Our team of Swim Instructors and Coaches are all professionally qualified and have been selected based on a combination of their knowledge, coaching skills, ability to communicate and build rapport with your child..


Our programme consists of structured levels that build on your child's skills and confidence. Children coming into our programme are graded and taught with others of similiar age and ability, each of the levels builds on previous competencies and smoothly progresses the student to the next level.


Swimming is an important part of a child’s development socially, physically and intellectually. 

We believe that the confidence, discipline and knowledge gained from our programme will assist your children in other important aspects of life as they grow.

Swimming is a very personal activity and confidence in the water varies from child to child.  Children need to be encouraged positively and challenged appropriately in order for them to progress.  With small goals regularly set and rewards upon completion of each level, children understand what is required of them and graduate with a feeling of accomplishment. Our programme is designed to get the best out of your child and leave them with skills and knowledge that go beyond the pool.


There are five Learn to Swim levels plus a transition squad, where swimmers refine all four strokes and focus on developing training skills.


SEAHORSE - 4 Children in a class

This class encourages water confidence and builds the foundation for swimming skills.  Children will be introduced to skills including submerging, floating and developing a strong kicing action and independent swimming. 

STINGRAY - 4 Children in a class

This class builds on the skills learnt, and develops a basic freestyle and backstroke arm

action using boards, and continued practice in maintaining a strong kick.

Freestyle breathing technique becomes a focus in the development of correct stroke technique. Butterfly kick si introduced with arms by side. 

SHARK - 4 Children in a class

This class focuses on the development fo freestyle and backstroke.  Students develop skills over a short distance ensuring correct technieques are continually practiced.  Streamline butterfly kick and breaststroke kick is introduced. 

DOLPHIN - 5 Children in a class

This class develops the student's endurance and continues to ensure that correct technique is practiced. Students are enhancing their breaststroke and butterfly kick, while being introduced to the arm action and breathing. 

NIPPERS (Stroke Development)

This level enhances stroke techniques, builds endurance and develops proficiency in all four strokes. Students are introduced to swimming drills to enhance their skills and develop techniques.  Work on dives, tumble turns, streamline push offs and lane etiquette. 

Please note that the levels are a guide, all new enrolments require an assessment so that your child is placed into their correct class and taught with others of similar age and abiliity.
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